Thursday, May 4, 2017


These two powerful words are what make up the very essence of gratitude.  Millions of people are searching for true happiness yet don’t realize that the key to what many souls are seeking is right at our fingertips.  It is the incredible power of gratitude. Expressing deep gratitude for all that we receive is to appreciate what we have been blessed with.  It is to have a sincere thankfulness for all the blessings heaven bestows upon us each and every day. To have appreciation for everything one receives, shows the dedication that one has for their soul journey. 

Deep gratitude is being served on a daily basis to those whose hearts are open to receive.  The depth of transformation that occurs in one's life is directly coorelated with the incredible light that is associated with one's gratitude and appreciation.  Da Gan En or Greatest Gratitude is one of the Ten Da’s, which are the 10 Qualities of the Tao.  It is vital to transform all one’s blockages.  It is essential for one’s path to enlightenment.

The one sentence secret from Master Marilyn Smith one of Master Sha’s top teachers is:

“Gratitude is unconditional appreciation, reverence, respect and joy.”

I am so grateful for all that I have received in my life.  Since becoming Master Teacher, I have been able to open my heart more fully to the power of gratitude and how that sense of thankfulness helps others appreciate everything they have in their own lives.  In a world where greed and desire fill much of our society, to step back and be grateful just to have another day to live and serve in a special way is the essence of what being thankful is all about.  Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Power of Nourishing Your Soul

Why is it important to nourish one’s soul? What does it mean to experience soulfulness in one’s life?

By definition soulfulness means: full of or expressing deep feeling; profoundly emotional. In Master Sha’s teachings, soulfulness is to fill one’s soul with the love and light that will provide the nourishment it needs to be healthy and happy. Millions are searching for the secrets to find fulfillment of their soul’s purpose in life and beyond. To achieve a state of soulfulness is to align with all the elements of one’s life and become one with Heaven and Mother Earth. It is to align with your own soul.  We now live in the Soul Light Era where the Soul is the boss.  In Master Sha’s teaching:   

“To live in harmony with  your soul, is to live your true purpose. Your soul’s journey is your true journey. Your soul’s destiny is your true destiny”

So the answer to living a life of being happy and healthy lies within us to live our lives doing everything that aligns us with our soul's purpose in life which is to serve others and make them healthy and happy.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Heart of the Compassionate Servant

What do beloved Buddha, Quan Yin, Jesus, Mother Mary, and all Divine beings of love and light have in common?  For countless eternities, these divine servants have dedicated their lives to serve humanity and all souls.  The basis of their service is love and compassion. While we all know of the power of love, many have forgotten the incredible healing power of compassion. It is a basic foundation for being aligned with the Divine.  It is an essential necessity for humanity to survive.

In a world where greed, jealousy, and selfishness have become the norm in our society, many are yearning to enter a world where love and compassion rules.  They thirst for the wisdom that will show them how true compassion will help them discover the joy of committing their life to a higher cause, a calling that will far outweigh our own personal desires.  

This wisdom is one of the foundations of Master Sha's Teachings.  It is why I have committed my life to building my own compassionate heart.  To live a life of compassion is to have the compassionate heart of an unconditional servant.  To have a heart of compassion allows one to realize a higher sense of being.  Master Sha’s teaching states:

“Compassion boosts energy, stamina, vitality, and immunity”


I am so grateful for this deep knowledge that Master Sha has taught to me.  It has allowed me to reach deep into my own soul and rediscover my true purpose in life with is to serve all souls with the greatest compassion and love.  I am eternally grateful.  Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Love & Light,
Master Patrick

Friday, April 22, 2016

Honoring Mother Earth

Happy Earth Day!!  Our beloved Mother Earth is the giver and sustainer of all life. She continuously provides all the love and nourishment that each living soul needs to exist. Since ancient times, she has been loved, admired, and honored for her infinite generosity in providing all the essential elements that humanity and all living things require.

Today, that bond between Mother Earth and humanity has become disconnected and our neglect and lack of respect for her have put an enormous strain on her ability to sustain humanity in the loving and unconditional way she has done for millions of years.

At Master Sha Tao Healing Center, I have joined a growing movement to reconnect heart to heart and soul to soul with Mother Earth, to bring the greatest love, forgiveness, compassion and light to help purify and free her from humanity's karma. Master Sha teaches that everyone and everything has a soul.

By reconnecting with the soul of Mother Earth, we are ultimately manifesting a better world for ourselves, our loved ones, our communities and all souls. This wisdom is the Law of Universal Service and is applicable to all aspects of one’s life. Master Sha summarizes it in one sentence:

Offer unconditional universal service, receive unlimited blessings from Heaven

On this special day when we honor Mother Earth, I am so grateful for the opportunity to offer unconditional love to her for all she has done for me and all of humanity. Embracing the Universal Law of Universal Service has truly changed my life and enhanced my soul journey beyond comprehension.  Thank you Divine. Thank you Master Sha.  

Friday, April 8, 2016

Discovering My Purpose in Life

When I received my Divine Healing Hands almost 5 years ago, something in my soul shifted in ways that are still being revealed to me to this very day. 

My life prior to this fateful day was comfortable and in my eyes at the time, very blessed. My physical health was good, I had a beautiful loving wife, a job that paid me well, an amazing house, friends and family that I loved and who loved me.  In essence, my life to this point was picture perfect.  What I was not aware of was that my whole way of thinking was very self-centered.  Everything that I did was based on how it could serve me and further my aspirations in life.  

What occurred on the day I became a Divine Healing Hands Soul Healer was that I became a servant of humanity and all souls of the Universe.  I changed from being self-centered to becoming selfless.  The realization that I had the ability to channel God’s healing power to help heal and transform others who were suffering was a huge aha moment for me.  It has allowed me to connect with my true life’s purpose, which is to serve others without thought to oneself.  My life since that day has transformed beyond words.  By serving others unconditionally, my own life has become more centered, much more prosperous, and very fulfilling.  I am very grateful that I have discovered my true purpose in life.

Love & Light,

Master Patrick Sambueno

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Opening of One's Heart Opens the Door to Unlimited Possibilities

The past week has been an amazing experience for me.  While attending a retreat with my teacher Master Sha, I realized that when people's hearts are open, they truly allow themselves to experience amazing things that would have been otherwise closed to them had their willingness to trust and just receive been closed.

This revelation is not new to me as I have always shared with others to open their hearts to the unlimited possibilities that one can receive from Divine.  I have shared this wisdom when offering blessings with the healing treasures I have received, to heal and transform many blockages individuals have in their lives.

What I discovered was that those who were open to receive were usually the ones that experienced the most positive results.  Those who just went through the motions or were of the mindset that "if I do this and  don't feel anything, then it must not work" were usually the ones that still suffer.

The aha moment that verified what I have been sharing, was watching Master Sha open the hearts of all of his participants in his healing event here in Honolulu, Hawaii.  He prepared them to receive by connecting to their souls with his wisdom, teaching and ultimate love.  His desire to serve each soul really resonated with almost everyone in the workshop.  By the time he was ready to share the healing experience, almost every participant was ready to receive.

This is the reason why Master Sha has created over one million soul healing miracles around the world.  He opens the hearts of those that are ready to receive and blesses them beyond comprehension.  Master Sha always teaches;

"When student is ready, teacher appears
When teacher appears, grab him"

As I looked around the room and saw over a hundred twenty people tracing the calligraphies that Master Sha created,  I saw that they all had their hearts wide open and each one of them was truly ready to grab the teacher and receive.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Importance of Serving with Purpose

Today, I received a very profound teaching while being in the presence of my teacher Dr & Master Zhi Gang Sha.   Master Sha’s love is so great, so vast and so unconditional that it empowers and inspires every soul to serve and go beyond themselves to serve at the highest level.  

My greatest insight was that all Master Sha truly wants us to do is to deeply transform ourselves and become the living embodiments of the 10 Das (love, forgiveness, compassion, light, humility, harmony, flourishing, gratitude, service, enlightenment).  This is the greatest service. Every act of service needs to be an embodiment of the 10 Das. Until we epitomize this fully and completely, no act of service is complete.

It is with the greatest opening and purification of the heart that we can serve at the highest level. Accomplishing our heaven’s task any other way is not the Divine way. 
Lotus Blossom at the Guan Yin Temple
No matter what is before us, the only answer is DA AI – the greatest love. This was my learning. No matter the pain or the blockages, no matter what lies before me, I know my heart needs to stay open and continue to open further so that I can truly be the Divine Channel and Worldwide Representative that Master Sha has trusted me to be.

I look forward to opening my heart further tomorrow.
I look forward to embracing that which is not easy for me.
I look forward to going beyond my soul heart and mind blockages to serve at my highest soul potential.  Thank you Master Sha for awakening me to the true purpose of life.