Aloha, My name is Patrick Sambueno Jr. I am a Certified Master Teacher of the Tao Institute and a devoted student of Master Zhi Gang Sha.  I reside in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii with my wife Orlena and our dog Nilo.

I welcome you to my blog for My Soul Healing Miracle Journey for Transforming Everyday Blockages.

We all experience different blockages in our lives everyday. It may have to do with work, our relationships with others, finances, or any other elements that hold us back from fully realizing true happiness each day.

I have learned through the teachings of Master Sha, that every blockage can be transformed through practices that are so simple to do, yet are very profound and powerful. 

One of Master Sha's most important empowerments is:

I have the power to heal myself.
You have the power to heal yourself.
Together we have the power to heal the world.

I welcome you to follow me through my journey of how I use these practices to address these challenges and how you too, can transform blockages of your own.

Master Patrick

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