Thursday, May 4, 2017


These two powerful words are what make up the very essence of gratitude.  Millions of people are searching for true happiness yet don’t realize that the key to what many souls are seeking is right at our fingertips.  It is the incredible power of gratitude. Expressing deep gratitude for all that we receive is to appreciate what we have been blessed with.  It is to have a sincere thankfulness for all the blessings heaven bestows upon us each and every day. To have appreciation for everything one receives, shows the dedication that one has for their soul journey. 

Deep gratitude is being served on a daily basis to those whose hearts are open to receive.  The depth of transformation that occurs in one's life is directly coorelated with the incredible light that is associated with one's gratitude and appreciation.  Da Gan En or Greatest Gratitude is one of the Ten Da’s, which are the 10 Qualities of the Tao.  It is vital to transform all one’s blockages.  It is essential for one’s path to enlightenment.

The one sentence secret from Master Marilyn Smith one of Master Sha’s top teachers is:

“Gratitude is unconditional appreciation, reverence, respect and joy.”

I am so grateful for all that I have received in my life.  Since becoming Master Teacher, I have been able to open my heart more fully to the power of gratitude and how that sense of thankfulness helps others appreciate everything they have in their own lives.  In a world where greed and desire fill much of our society, to step back and be grateful just to have another day to live and serve in a special way is the essence of what being thankful is all about.  Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Power of Nourishing Your Soul

Why is it important to nourish one’s soul? What does it mean to experience soulfulness in one’s life?

By definition soulfulness means: full of or expressing deep feeling; profoundly emotional. In Master Sha’s teachings, soulfulness is to fill one’s soul with the love and light that will provide the nourishment it needs to be healthy and happy. Millions are searching for the secrets to find fulfillment of their soul’s purpose in life and beyond. To achieve a state of soulfulness is to align with all the elements of one’s life and become one with Heaven and Mother Earth. It is to align with your own soul.  We now live in the Soul Light Era where the Soul is the boss.  In Master Sha’s teaching:   

“To live in harmony with  your soul, is to live your true purpose. Your soul’s journey is your true journey. Your soul’s destiny is your true destiny”

So the answer to living a life of being happy and healthy lies within us to live our lives doing everything that aligns us with our soul's purpose in life which is to serve others and make them healthy and happy.