Friday, April 8, 2016

Discovering My Purpose in Life

When I received my Divine Healing Hands almost 5 years ago, something in my soul shifted in ways that are still being revealed to me to this very day. 

My life prior to this fateful day was comfortable and in my eyes at the time, very blessed. My physical health was good, I had a beautiful loving wife, a job that paid me well, an amazing house, friends and family that I loved and who loved me.  In essence, my life to this point was picture perfect.  What I was not aware of was that my whole way of thinking was very self-centered.  Everything that I did was based on how it could serve me and further my aspirations in life.  

What occurred on the day I became a Divine Healing Hands Soul Healer was that I became a servant of humanity and all souls of the Universe.  I changed from being self-centered to becoming selfless.  The realization that I had the ability to channel God’s healing power to help heal and transform others who were suffering was a huge aha moment for me.  It has allowed me to connect with my true life’s purpose, which is to serve others without thought to oneself.  My life since that day has transformed beyond words.  By serving others unconditionally, my own life has become more centered, much more prosperous, and very fulfilling.  I am very grateful that I have discovered my true purpose in life.

Love & Light,

Master Patrick Sambueno

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