Friday, August 7, 2015

Unconditional Service

This year for me, has been a journey that has been filled with incredible blessings of love and light.  The road was not always smooth; there have been challenges and moments that required self-reflection.  But to see where my life was just a mere 8 months ago to where it is now, I can only bow my head in gratitude.

How is this year any different than any previous year?  What have I been doing differently?  The answer may be in my full awakening and opening of my heart to the teachings and blessings of my teacher Master Sha.  He has taught me to serve and dedicate my life to making others healthier and happier.  Master Sha is the ultimate servant of the Divine and leads all of his students and disciples by his own example of what it truly means to serve "unconditionally".

To have been in his presence this past week has been such a profound experience that has transformed me in ways that I am still discovering.  Each day he has shown his immense desire to heal humanity of its suffering.  Master Sha's gift of giving knows no bounds.  He constantly shares immediately what he receives.
Master Sha at his Tao Healing Miracle Week in Honolulu, HI.

Last night, he created a new calligraphy he had just received through Divine guidance to help cure those with chronic health conditions.  Masters in other modalities could take decades to offer up just one tidbit of wisdom to their students.  Master Sha is constantly releasing infinite wisdom he receives immediately to his students. Students both tenured as well as brand new are blessed with his generosity.  This is the teaching within the teaching.  When the situation presents itself, you must not think but, as Master Sha shares, "just jump in and serve!!"

As I reflect on the incredible chain of events that have been occurring in my life these past few months, the question that I keep asking myself is why me? What have I done to receive such blessings that continue to enhance all aspects of my life in the most positive ways?  The answer lies in the Universal Law of Universal Service that was given to Master Sha from Divine;

If one offers a little universal service, one receives a little blessing from Heaven and me

If one offers more universal service, one receives more blessings from Heaven and me

If one offers unconditional universal service, one receives unlimited blessings from Heaven and me

I have a lot more unconditional serving to do to even reach a fraction of what Master Sha does, but in my intent to serve in his image, I would like to think that Heaven is blessing my life in the most profound way.  When Master Sha recently announced that he would settle down in Hawaii for the next 2 months and maybe more, I felt that Divine has truly sent me and all of Hawaii, unlimited amounts of blessings.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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