Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Importance of Serving with Purpose

Today, I received a very profound teaching while being in the presence of my teacher Dr & Master Zhi Gang Sha.   Master Sha’s love is so great, so vast and so unconditional that it empowers and inspires every soul to serve and go beyond themselves to serve at the highest level.  

My greatest insight was that all Master Sha truly wants us to do is to deeply transform ourselves and become the living embodiments of the 10 Das (love, forgiveness, compassion, light, humility, harmony, flourishing, gratitude, service, enlightenment).  This is the greatest service. Every act of service needs to be an embodiment of the 10 Das. Until we epitomize this fully and completely, no act of service is complete.

It is with the greatest opening and purification of the heart that we can serve at the highest level. Accomplishing our heaven’s task any other way is not the Divine way. 
Lotus Blossom at the Guan Yin Temple
No matter what is before us, the only answer is DA AI – the greatest love. This was my learning. No matter the pain or the blockages, no matter what lies before me, I know my heart needs to stay open and continue to open further so that I can truly be the Divine Channel and Worldwide Representative that Master Sha has trusted me to be.

I look forward to opening my heart further tomorrow.
I look forward to embracing that which is not easy for me.
I look forward to going beyond my soul heart and mind blockages to serve at my highest soul potential.  Thank you Master Sha for awakening me to the true purpose of life.

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