Thursday, August 6, 2015

Teachings Within Teachings

Today, I witnessed a soul-healing miracle. 

It was not that instance when a certified psychologist with chronic back pain from a car accident went from a pain level of a 9 to a 1 from a healing after 8 years. 

It was not the cancer patient who could not walk on his own for risk of falling due to complications from his condition; walking up to the stage to share his story a day after his healing.

It was not the woman who experienced severe pain in her neck from a healing, only to return the next day with zero pain.  Nor was it the numerous miracle healings that have been taking place since Master Sha’s Tao Healing Miracle Week began this past Sunday.

The soul-healing miracle is the one that is currently occurring in my own heart as I witness the incredible love and compassion that Master Sha has for all of humanity.  In his quest to heal the world, he has unveiled his full power of healing and presented it in a way that has every participant in the room, new or advanced, in total awe of the wisdom, techniques, and practices that Master Sha is offering.

Everything from creating a incredible Source Field with 40 calligraphies around the room; Tao calligraphy creations for healing of chronic conditions; calligraphy tracing; soul operations; crown chakra blessings; forgiveness practices; powerful “ha” healings; soul songs; he has also extended services to clear karma.   Master Sha has offered it all in this retreat and in only the first 4 days.

Master David shared with us recently that in everything that Master Sha does or says; there is always a teaching within the teaching.  What Master Sha is providing for all of his Disciples is the “how” in creating healing miracles of your own and how you transform a Center into a flagship Healing Center that will be the focal point of healing throughout the world. 

He is teaching us how he uses these incredible healing cases to help spread the word about what is occurring in Honolulu at this very moment.  What Master Sha is doing is creating a “need” for every soul who is suffering to witness what is happening in his retreat and realize that they cannot afford NOT to experience this healing for themselves.

Master Sha has stated that word of mouth is the best way to advertise.  My personal soul healing miracle lies in my heart being fully opened and understanding the process that Master Sha is undertaking is not only to extend his most powerful healing to all of humanity, but also teaching his disciples at the same time how to spread the mission so we can all truly heal the world.  Thank you Master Sha!!

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