Sunday, August 9, 2015

Opening of One's Heart Opens the Door to Unlimited Possibilities

The past week has been an amazing experience for me.  While attending a retreat with my teacher Master Sha, I realized that when people's hearts are open, they truly allow themselves to experience amazing things that would have been otherwise closed to them had their willingness to trust and just receive been closed.

This revelation is not new to me as I have always shared with others to open their hearts to the unlimited possibilities that one can receive from Divine.  I have shared this wisdom when offering blessings with the healing treasures I have received, to heal and transform many blockages individuals have in their lives.

What I discovered was that those who were open to receive were usually the ones that experienced the most positive results.  Those who just went through the motions or were of the mindset that "if I do this and  don't feel anything, then it must not work" were usually the ones that still suffer.

The aha moment that verified what I have been sharing, was watching Master Sha open the hearts of all of his participants in his healing event here in Honolulu, Hawaii.  He prepared them to receive by connecting to their souls with his wisdom, teaching and ultimate love.  His desire to serve each soul really resonated with almost everyone in the workshop.  By the time he was ready to share the healing experience, almost every participant was ready to receive.

This is the reason why Master Sha has created over one million soul healing miracles around the world.  He opens the hearts of those that are ready to receive and blesses them beyond comprehension.  Master Sha always teaches;

"When student is ready, teacher appears
When teacher appears, grab him"

As I looked around the room and saw over a hundred twenty people tracing the calligraphies that Master Sha created,  I saw that they all had their hearts wide open and each one of them was truly ready to grab the teacher and receive.


  1. Thank you Master Patrick for your sharing and wisdom! With Da Ai and Da Gan En!

  2. Thank you Master Patrick for your sharing and wisdom! With Da Ai and Da Gan En!