Sunday, August 9, 2015

Opening of One's Heart Opens the Door to Unlimited Possibilities

The past week has been an amazing experience for me.  While attending a retreat with my teacher Master Sha, I realized that when people's hearts are open, they truly allow themselves to experience amazing things that would have been otherwise closed to them had their willingness to trust and just receive been closed.

This revelation is not new to me as I have always shared with others to open their hearts to the unlimited possibilities that one can receive from Divine.  I have shared this wisdom when offering blessings with the healing treasures I have received, to heal and transform many blockages individuals have in their lives.

What I discovered was that those who were open to receive were usually the ones that experienced the most positive results.  Those who just went through the motions or were of the mindset that "if I do this and  don't feel anything, then it must not work" were usually the ones that still suffer.

The aha moment that verified what I have been sharing, was watching Master Sha open the hearts of all of his participants in his healing event here in Honolulu, Hawaii.  He prepared them to receive by connecting to their souls with his wisdom, teaching and ultimate love.  His desire to serve each soul really resonated with almost everyone in the workshop.  By the time he was ready to share the healing experience, almost every participant was ready to receive.

This is the reason why Master Sha has created over one million soul healing miracles around the world.  He opens the hearts of those that are ready to receive and blesses them beyond comprehension.  Master Sha always teaches;

"When student is ready, teacher appears
When teacher appears, grab him"

As I looked around the room and saw over a hundred twenty people tracing the calligraphies that Master Sha created,  I saw that they all had their hearts wide open and each one of them was truly ready to grab the teacher and receive.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Unconditional Service

This year for me, has been a journey that has been filled with incredible blessings of love and light.  The road was not always smooth; there have been challenges and moments that required self-reflection.  But to see where my life was just a mere 8 months ago to where it is now, I can only bow my head in gratitude.

How is this year any different than any previous year?  What have I been doing differently?  The answer may be in my full awakening and opening of my heart to the teachings and blessings of my teacher Master Sha.  He has taught me to serve and dedicate my life to making others healthier and happier.  Master Sha is the ultimate servant of the Divine and leads all of his students and disciples by his own example of what it truly means to serve "unconditionally".

To have been in his presence this past week has been such a profound experience that has transformed me in ways that I am still discovering.  Each day he has shown his immense desire to heal humanity of its suffering.  Master Sha's gift of giving knows no bounds.  He constantly shares immediately what he receives.
Master Sha at his Tao Healing Miracle Week in Honolulu, HI.

Last night, he created a new calligraphy he had just received through Divine guidance to help cure those with chronic health conditions.  Masters in other modalities could take decades to offer up just one tidbit of wisdom to their students.  Master Sha is constantly releasing infinite wisdom he receives immediately to his students. Students both tenured as well as brand new are blessed with his generosity.  This is the teaching within the teaching.  When the situation presents itself, you must not think but, as Master Sha shares, "just jump in and serve!!"

As I reflect on the incredible chain of events that have been occurring in my life these past few months, the question that I keep asking myself is why me? What have I done to receive such blessings that continue to enhance all aspects of my life in the most positive ways?  The answer lies in the Universal Law of Universal Service that was given to Master Sha from Divine;

If one offers a little universal service, one receives a little blessing from Heaven and me

If one offers more universal service, one receives more blessings from Heaven and me

If one offers unconditional universal service, one receives unlimited blessings from Heaven and me

I have a lot more unconditional serving to do to even reach a fraction of what Master Sha does, but in my intent to serve in his image, I would like to think that Heaven is blessing my life in the most profound way.  When Master Sha recently announced that he would settle down in Hawaii for the next 2 months and maybe more, I felt that Divine has truly sent me and all of Hawaii, unlimited amounts of blessings.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Teachings Within Teachings

Today, I witnessed a soul-healing miracle. 

It was not that instance when a certified psychologist with chronic back pain from a car accident went from a pain level of a 9 to a 1 from a healing after 8 years. 

It was not the cancer patient who could not walk on his own for risk of falling due to complications from his condition; walking up to the stage to share his story a day after his healing.

It was not the woman who experienced severe pain in her neck from a healing, only to return the next day with zero pain.  Nor was it the numerous miracle healings that have been taking place since Master Sha’s Tao Healing Miracle Week began this past Sunday.

The soul-healing miracle is the one that is currently occurring in my own heart as I witness the incredible love and compassion that Master Sha has for all of humanity.  In his quest to heal the world, he has unveiled his full power of healing and presented it in a way that has every participant in the room, new or advanced, in total awe of the wisdom, techniques, and practices that Master Sha is offering.

Everything from creating a incredible Source Field with 40 calligraphies around the room; Tao calligraphy creations for healing of chronic conditions; calligraphy tracing; soul operations; crown chakra blessings; forgiveness practices; powerful “ha” healings; soul songs; he has also extended services to clear karma.   Master Sha has offered it all in this retreat and in only the first 4 days.

Master David shared with us recently that in everything that Master Sha does or says; there is always a teaching within the teaching.  What Master Sha is providing for all of his Disciples is the “how” in creating healing miracles of your own and how you transform a Center into a flagship Healing Center that will be the focal point of healing throughout the world. 

He is teaching us how he uses these incredible healing cases to help spread the word about what is occurring in Honolulu at this very moment.  What Master Sha is doing is creating a “need” for every soul who is suffering to witness what is happening in his retreat and realize that they cannot afford NOT to experience this healing for themselves.

Master Sha has stated that word of mouth is the best way to advertise.  My personal soul healing miracle lies in my heart being fully opened and understanding the process that Master Sha is undertaking is not only to extend his most powerful healing to all of humanity, but also teaching his disciples at the same time how to spread the mission so we can all truly heal the world.  Thank you Master Sha!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Importance of Serving with Purpose

Today, I received a very profound teaching while being in the presence of my teacher Dr & Master Zhi Gang Sha.   Master Sha’s love is so great, so vast and so unconditional that it empowers and inspires every soul to serve and go beyond themselves to serve at the highest level.  

My greatest insight was that all Master Sha truly wants us to do is to deeply transform ourselves and become the living embodiments of the 10 Das (love, forgiveness, compassion, light, humility, harmony, flourishing, gratitude, service, enlightenment).  This is the greatest service. Every act of service needs to be an embodiment of the 10 Das. Until we epitomize this fully and completely, no act of service is complete.

It is with the greatest opening and purification of the heart that we can serve at the highest level. Accomplishing our heaven’s task any other way is not the Divine way. 
Lotus Blossom at the Guan Yin Temple
No matter what is before us, the only answer is DA AI – the greatest love. This was my learning. No matter the pain or the blockages, no matter what lies before me, I know my heart needs to stay open and continue to open further so that I can truly be the Divine Channel and Worldwide Representative that Master Sha has trusted me to be.

I look forward to opening my heart further tomorrow.
I look forward to embracing that which is not easy for me.
I look forward to going beyond my soul heart and mind blockages to serve at my highest soul potential.  Thank you Master Sha for awakening me to the true purpose of life.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Purification and Testing

Yesterday, I experienced a great deal of purification and testing as result of all of the blessings that I received yesterday when Master Sha arrived in Hawaii.  There are many lessons to be learned from what I went through and I am very grateful for the each one.  

It has been 2 months since I was given the highest honor of being selected to be a worldwide representative and disciple of Master Sha.  During this time there has been much purification, testing, and lessons, that I have experienced on my short journey since becoming a Divine Channel.  

Purification comes in many forms; you may experience fatigue, feeling like you have the flu, irritable, not able to focus.  These physical and mental aspects of purification come as my mind and body attempted to keep up with my soul being uplifted.  In Master Sha's teaching, soul is the boss.

"Heal the Soul first, then healing and transformation of the mind and body will follow"
                                                                                     ~Dr & Master Zhi Gang Sha

Testing is just what the name entails.  When you experience spiritual testing, it is a way for you to grow spiritually as Heaven may want to see if you are ready to move to the next level.  Think of it like school and how you must pass your final exam to move to the next grade.  

Just remember that when you experience testing, you will receive just what you need to transform.  It may come in the form of getting angry when driving, or a coworker that you have issues with, any situation that continuously causes you to create your own blockages.The key is to transform these situations and do instant forgiveness to release any blockages that are created from your negative actions.  May sound easy but Master Sha's always shares:

"Da Tao Zhi Jian"
The Big Way is Extremely Simple

The underlying teaching here is that we should always be grateful for all that we receive, even when it may seem painful at the time.  When we realize that everything we receive is always aligned with what we need to progress that is when we are truly one with our soul journey.